East Japan Bag Manufacture Association



From Tokyo to the World

East Japan Bag Manufacture Association has been supporting bag and
leather goods production by putting in multiple efforts.


High Quality Bags From Tokyo

Our leather goods and bag production was lead by a long history of producing kimono textile goods. Our techniques have been passed down through long generations. Although having effects from reasonably priced products from around the world and Covid-19, we have always been putting focus on keeping the quality and techniques running for decades. By creating a connection between makers and consumers and also creating more business opportunities we aim to take the traditions to a brighter future.

Board Yumi Matsumura
03 3851 5278
03 3851 7725
111 0052 Bag Hall 2F, 2-16-14
Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
December 12th, 1975
The predecessor company, The Tokyo Bag Industry Federation was established in 1956.
It consists of 138 companies from different prefectures in east Japan, centered in Tokyo, as of November 2022.
Main business
  • Organize bag charity sales
  • Ensuring each label meets the government's labeling regulations.
  • Holding a creative competition sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Participation in fashion events in Taito Ward and Sumida Ward
  • A joint project of purchasing petroleum products
  • Hold lectures and technical workshops
  • Strengthening the insurance system and workers' environment by having a support system
  • Leather reweighing business
  • Publishing the member's bulletin
  • Our business varies from attending exhibitions and events, measuring leather, providing information about manufacturing and protecting techniques, handing out demerit stickers, and supporting businesses by providing discounts for oil and more.
    We also publish the member's bulletin (on pause since COVID-19), creating the member list and creating opportunities to make connections in the industry.

Auxiliary business
With the support of the Tokyo Chuo Institute since 2021, we have been aiming to revitalize Tokyo’s craftsmanship industry.
By being selected for the Digital Branding Project by the institute’s support program, we have started the East Japan Bag Association Digital Branding Project and created the brand "BAG MAKERS TOKYO" to advertise Tokyo as a place producing high-quality bags and leather goods. Currently we are in the phase of starting to promote the brand.